We were founded in 2013 as the Code-to-Learn Foundation by Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab, and David Siegel, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the investment management firm Two Sigma. Mitch and David first met as graduate students in computer science at MIT in the 1980s, and reconnected 25 years later when David's son learned to program with Scratch, developed by Mitch's research group at the MIT Media Lab.

In 2015, we changed our name to the Scratch Foundation to reflect our specific focus on Scratch and its dynamic ecosystem of interacting projects (Scratch, ScratchJr, ScratchEd) and events (Scratch Day, Scratch Conference, Scratch Educator Meetups). Scratch is available for free, for everyone, and that’s why the Scratch Foundation is so important. Through gifts from private individuals, corporations, and foundations, we raise funds to support the entire Scratch ecosystem.

Who We Are



Mitchel Resnick 
Professor of Learning Research
MIT Media Lab



Margaret Honey
President and CEO
New York Hall of Science



Lisa O'Brien
Executive Director
Scratch Foundation



My Nguyen
Communications Specialist
Scratch Foundation


David Siegel
Co-Founder and Co-Chairman
Two Sigma




Christina Miller
President and General Manager
Cartoon Network



Saskia Leggett
Scratch Outreach Manager
Scratch Foundation


Our Supporters

Scratch Foundation is funded by contributions from individuals and organizations, with initial funding and ongoing support generously provided by Siegel Family Endowment (SFE). As a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are grateful for SFE's support and the contributions of others.


Founding Donors
($1,000,000+ contribution)

Siegel Family Endowment

($100,000+ contribution)

Cartoon Network
Mark Dalton
The Evan and Cynthia Goldberg Fund
Sonia and Paul T. Jones
The Kahn-Rowe Family Fund
Tudor Investment Corp.

($50,000+ contribution)

Morgan Stanley
Two Sigma

($25,000+ contribution)

Erik Anderson
John Doerr
WestRiver Management


($10,000+ contribution)

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation
Steven Connelly
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
Jonathan Dinu
John and Micole Doyle
EPAM Systems
Hearst Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. J. Tomilson Hill
McGraw Hill Education
Adam Messinger and Mary Powell

Edward and Reka Schmidt
Silicon Valley Bank
Societe Generale
Solomon Wilson Family Foundation
John and Laura Overdeck
Alfred Spector and Rhonda Kost
Christos Zoulas
Weill Family Foundation 

($1,000+ contribution)

Nichole Johnson
Kerri Keeley
Alan Klinger
Gregg Lynn
Christina Miller
The MacArthur Foundation
Microsoft Research
New York Hall of Science
Christopher P. O'Brien
The Ramsey Family Fund
Jan Speth
Wray Thorn
Jessica Traynor
Krishna Vedati
Vernier Software & Technology LLC
Jade Vinson
Ken Yip


Jean Paul Balajadia
Michael Ball
Richard Barry
Capital Z Partners
Vanessa Colella
Steven Connelly
Eric Dahm
DeNA Japan
Peter and Amy Desmond
Elda Di Re
Tim Ettenheim Donor Advised Fund
Alan Eustace
Alex Ginsburg and Hillary Blumberg
Edward Goodman
Dan Huttenlocher
iD Tech

($50+ contribution)

Arnold Abelman
Pascal Adatte
Ian Bernstein
Calvin Black
Betsy Blumenthal
David Bonner
Ryan Chartrand
Melinda Chase
Anna Claybourne
Seth Cohen
Zachary Cohen
Matthew Davis
Dirk Dedapper
Janet Dee
Robert Donato
Susan Ettenheim
Ramesh Fernando
Sarah Freedman
Cece Gehrig
General Incorporated Foundation Progress Lab
Michael Gillie
Emre Gover
Ingrid Gustafson
Yia Hang
David Hellam
David Hornik
José Ignacio Huertas Fernández
Carl Hunermund
Andrew Janian
Joseph Jones
Jonas Kesselmeier
Steven Landman
Johathan Levy

Vincente Martinez
Junko Maruyama
Anna Meda
Mary Murray Jones
Kris Nelson
Michael Ouweleen
Daniel Piñeiro Calvo
Frédérique Pinson
Xavier Rame
Duggi Reddy and Venu Madhava Reddy
Daphne Reinert
Michelle Riley
Ofer Rivlin
Chris Rogers
Paul Roper
Rubens Saintel
Yoriko Sako
Andrew Schorr
Aalop Shah
Tanya Sheehan
Shinochi Shinohara
Leo Stern
Marie Stipkovits
Satoshi Takezawa
K M Thonnes
Mihoko Tomo
Gautam Vallabha
Sheri Vammen
James Ward
David Watson
Dexter Williams

In-Kind Donors & Collaborators

DK Publishing
Embark Labs
Getty Images
No Starch Press

Kickstarter Campaign for ScratchJr

We had an incredible response to the 2014 Kickstarter campaign to support the development of the ScratchJr app. Click here to view the list of more than 1,000 backers who donated $10 or more. Thank you to everyone who generously supported our Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of ScratchJr.