Scratch For All

We’re launching a campaign to engage 1 billion children as digital creators over the next 5 years.

Scratch for All is a $50 million dollar campaign designed to:


Accelerate our innovation

Scratch has set the standard in coding for kids. It is essential that we continue to push the boundaries of what children can create, share, and learn.

Grow our Community

We’re building our capacity to support the thousands of organizations that have chosen Scratch as their coding platform of choice around the world.

We are localizing all aspects of Scratch to align with the interests and cultures of children around the world.

Expand our Platform

We work closely with industry partners including the LEGO Company, Google, Raspberry Pi and Cartoon network so that kids can use Scratch to program their favorite toys, characters, and services.

This helps to establish Scratch as a global standard and creates new opportunities for revenue.

Transform our Organization

The Scratch Team is preparing to move out of MIT, to allow greater agility and support our rapid growth.

This shift requires significant funding as we decrease dependence on MIT’s infrastructure.