Scratch changed the trajectory of my life, from helping me discover a love for computer science to helping me realize how much I enjoy teaching programming. These incredible experiences have helped me excel at college-level computer science courses. Now I’m pursuing a dual degree in computer science and information technology web science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
— Justin, iD Tech Student
“When my daughter began using the computer, she fell in love with Scratch. She is now designing incredible games and cartoons at the age of 11! I am amazed at how much she has learned. I want to thank you for this free education you have provided for her. As a single mom struggling to make ends meet, I am overwhelmed by the opportunities that my daughter now holds and amazed at the incredible things she creates on your site. What she has received through your free site is something that will last her a lifetime and has given her more possibilities for her future than she could imagine. I sincerely appreciate what you do.
— Scratch Parent
I can’t say enough good things about Scratch, it is all you say, perhaps more. I started programming computers in 1969. Your creation is marvelous! I give my nine-year-old daughter free reign when it comes to using Scratch. It’s a nice safe place with no ulterior motives.
— Richard Rowat, Scratch Parent
We have been teaching kids Scratch for 3 years in a weekly free class in downtown Oakland. The response has been wonderful. It unleashes the creativity in kids, and some children that are utterly silent and shy open right up when they have questions about how to make their game do this or that. I have literally heard kids shout out “Oh! That’s why we learned those x y things in school!” when learning how to move sprites about on a grid. They have no idea they are learning math, and they generally have a spectacular time making even the simplest game, like a scrolling shooter, or moon lander.
— Scratch Volunteer Instructor
Scratch lets me unleash my creativity. When I was seven I realized that someone had to make all of this technology—computers, iPhones, robots—and that someone could be me. I’m definitely interested in programming, designing, and constructing. For me, Scratch is that outlet
— Amy, Alexa Cafe Student
The Scratch community is amazing. Getting compliments on your projects from hundreds of people is very encouraging. And the discussions we had on the 1.4 forums were delicious—I’ve met most of my best friends through Scratch.
— Kartik Chandra, Scratcher and Scratch Day Host