We promote creative coding for everyone. We support approaches to coding that engage young people in thinking creatively, reasoning systematically, and working collaboratively -- essential skills for everyone in today's society. The goal is not learning to code, it's coding to learn.




We focus on Scratch, the visual, block-based programming language and online community developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is an authoring environment that makes it easy to create interactive media projects -- like games, interactive art, and simulations -- and then share those creations with others in an active, online community.

Scratch is available for free, for everyone.

And that's why the Scratch Foundation is so important. Through gifts from private individuals, corporations, and foundations, we raise funds to support the entire Scratch ecosystem, including technical development and innovation, events and activities, and the development of learning resources. The Scratch Foundation's fundraising efforts will ensure that Scratch will continue to thrive as a creative tool and an online community for everyone, for years to come.


We develop and disseminate materials that help young people engage in creative learning activities and workshops using the Scratch coding environment.



We support online communities and in-person events in the Scratch ecosystem, where people celebrate creativity, collaborate on projects, and share ideas with one another.


We provide funding to make Scratch and ScratchJr available on more platforms such as mobile and tablet devices, with more features, and for broader audiences.