Free. Creative. Global.


We envision a world where all children, from all backgrounds, can become full and active contributors to tomorrow’s society. We invest in Scratch so kids around the world have access to the creative learning opportunities and technologies that help them do this.

A free platform for EVERYONE

Our investments support the development and dissemination of Scratch, ensuring that it remains free for everyone. Scratch is often the first experience kids have with code, in classrooms, camps, clubs, and at home. 

An environment that celebrates creativity

For us, learning to code is not simply about gaining a set of technical skills, it’s about developing a voice and learning how to organize, express, and share ideas. Children who make projects with Scratch use coding to bring their ideas to life.

A global community

Scratch is the world's largest coding community for young people. Our funding enables ongoing moderation, support, and engagement within the online community. When children participate in the Scratch online community, they learn to share ideas, collaborate together, and respect one another in a safe online environment.

To learn more about our different approach coding, please take a look at this article by Mitchel Resnick and David Siegel and view our blog for ongoing stories about the Scratch community.